Where Can You Study Abroad For Free?

Where Can You Study Abroad For Free?

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have, but it can also be quite expensive. Thankfully, there are ways that students can reduce the cost of their education.

Scholarships, grants, and loans can all help students offset the costs of studying abroad. And there are even some countries that offer free tuition for international students.

1. France

Whether you want to grab a buttery croissant from the corner bakery or stand in front of the Mona Lisa, studying abroad in France is a dream come true. France is a hub for fashion, art, and culture with over 1,000 years of influential history.

CIEE has a number of study abroad programs in Paris. Students can take classes at Sorbonne University and the Catholic University of Paris while enjoying cultural excursions such as a guided tour through The Louvre and a weekend excursion to Bordeaux.

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Located along the Garonne River, Bordeaux is famous for its wine tourism. Here you can learn about the winemaking process while taking in views of the beautiful vineyards. This city is also considered affordable to live in, especially compared to more expensive cities like Paris.

2. Germany

With hefty tuition costs weighing down their wallets, many students dream of pursuing higher education abroad. This coveted experience is not only a life-changing opportunity to explore new cultures and gain a global perspective, but also a way to enhance resumes with competitive skills like foreign languages and intercultural awareness.

A country like Germany has taken a different approach to tuition, providing international students with the freedom to thrive in its cosmopolitan cities while still paying for their university studies. In fact, German universities believe that the best way to grow is by attracting talented students from around the globe.

While free study abroad may sound too good to be true, it is indeed possible with proper planning and dedication. With a bit of research, you can discover countries that offer a truly affordable university education.

3. Norway

Norway is known for its breathtaking beauty – and world-class universities that offer free education to international students. But it’s more than just that: Norway has a strong commitment to educational equality and offers scholarships to make the experience even more cost-effective.

Studying abroad is a transformative experience that can open up new opportunities and foster intercultural competence, a global mindset, and lifelong friendships. And while the prospect of escaping hefty tuition fees is an attractive one, it’s important to do your research to ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money.

Start by creating a shortlist of countries with public universities that offer education for free or at a low cost. Then compare this list to other countries’ living costs and scholarships (merit-based, need-based, country-specific, and subject-specific). This will help you identify the best options for your specific circumstances.

4. Sweden

As university fees continue to rise globally, it may seem impossible for students to attain a recognized degree abroad without a five-figure budget. However, if you’re willing to put in the work (applying for scholarships and grants, applying for student loans, fundraising within your network), there are a number of countries where you can study abroad for free.

For example, nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia offers affordable quality education with no tuition costs for EU/EEA citizens, along with reasonable living expenses. Another option is Finland, which extends its exemplary educational system to international students, with free higher education for EU and non-EU citizens. Not to mention, the country is home to ABBA, Roxette, Watain, Dissection, Entombed, and many other famous artists.

5. China

Studying abroad is a dream for many students, offering the chance to explore new cultures and earn a recognized degree qualification. But with university fees continuing to rise, it can seem impossible for students to pursue an international education without a budget in the four or five figures.

Fortunately, there are some countries that offer free tuition for students. The caveat is that the student will need to cover all other costs, such as accommodation, food, and travel expenses.

For those interested in making this a reality, it’s worth researching scholarships and affordable study destinations, as well as seeking out opportunities to work while studying. This will help you not only offset your costs but also build a valuable skill set that will enhance your resume (#hired). Ultimately, it’s possible to make the studying abroad dream a reality, no matter your financial circumstances.

6. United Kingdom

Studying abroad is an invaluable experience. It allows students to learn about new cultures, expand their horizons and add to their resumes. Unfortunately, tuition costs can be a huge barrier for many students.

Fortunately, scholarships and other funding options make it possible to achieve a free international education. With careful planning and research, students can find destinations that offer free or low-cost tuition for foreign students.

The United Kingdom, also known as Great Britain, is an island country in northwestern Europe. It is home to the capital, London, which is a global center of finance, culture and the arts. It is also the site of Neolithic Stonehenge and centuries-old universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The country is renowned for its rich heritage and vibrant modern culture.

7. Canada

While it might seem impossible to study abroad for free, it is possible to drastically reduce your costs with the help of scholarships, grants, and loans. In addition, you can also save by selling your unused possessions or hosting a fundraising event.

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to meet new people, push your comfort zone, and get #schooled in the nuances of globalization and world culture. But the financial burdens can be a major deterrent for many. The good news is, it is absolutely possible to study abroad for free or close to it. With hard work and dedication, you can earn your way overseas through hours of applications for scholarships, student loans, crowdfunding with friends and family, and finding ways to make money on the side (ie., freelance writing).


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