The Pros and Cons of Marrying an Arab Woman

The Pros and Cons of Marrying an Arab Woman

Are You Thinking About Dating an Arab Girl or Marrying One? – Tips that Will Make the Process Smooth

Arab marriages tend to be highly family-centric. Women are seen as dependent upon their husbands for sustenance.

  1. They are conservative

Arab women tend to possess a strong sense of family and community. It is customary for extended family to be heavily involved in married couple lives – something Western women used to making decisions on their own may find uncomfortable.

Saudi Law mandates that married couples adhere to the same religion. If one partner does not observe it, fines or even deportation could occur.

The Pros and Cons of Marrying an Arab Woman
The Pros and Cons of Marrying an Arab Woman

Many Saudi men do not approve of their wives socializing with unrelated men outside of the family, which may be discouraging to American wives who have grown accustomed to an independent social life outside their family unit. This has contributed significantly to divorce rates increasing exponentially there.[1]

  1. They are feisty

American wives of Saudi husbands frequently note their husbands’ transformation on board the plane to Riyadh as they see them don the black abaya and face veil, along with other cultural and social differences unique to Saudi Arabia.

Saudis typically only socialize within their families and women generally do not interact with men to whom they are unrelated. For an American wife who does not speak Arabic, however, such restrictions on social life may prove frustrating.

Women often don’t realize they cannot travel unaccompanied, forcing them to depend solely on male relatives for transportation if working outside the home or have children. This can be particularly taxing in times of disaster.

  1. They are picky

Arab women can be finicky about choosing their partners. They expect their men to treat them respectfully or they’ll leave quickly; and can become easily angered.

So if you want to win her heart, it is essential that you respect her values and culture, understand her needs and emotions, show genuine affection and care, demonstrate interest in her passions and dreams while showing that you care about who she is as an individual and not just their looks.

  1. They are hardworking

Many Arab women juggle paid careers alongside household and childcare responsibilities, outperforming men at both tasks. However, restricted freedom of movement, workplace laws that exclude them and pay gaps have limited their opportunities in paid workforce positions.

American wives of Saudis generally reside with their husband’s extended family in a villa. Privacy can be challenging and disagreements with jealous relatives often arise; those that manage to carve out space tend to be well-off couples with substantial means and the privilege of drivers, servants, and separate villas from where in-laws live whereas others struggle. A universal memory among American wives upon their first flight into Riyadh was witnessing their husbands donning traditional dress thobes and face veils adorning themselves thobes and face veils!

  1. They are loyal

Saudi Arabian family structures are some of the strictest and conservative in the world, placing women as an essential foundation in the home and providing love, support and warmth to children and husbands alike. Furthermore, women in this society take responsibility for domestic duties to maintain a stable home environment for future generations.

Women are expected to honor and obey their parents and other elders while dressing modestly in public. Before marriage, sex may only take place with consent of both spouses, and working outside the home is generally not allowed.

Many Arab women rely heavily on their families for support and advice, which can be both good and bad depending on individual situations. Some couples prefer having more independence while others want their family more involved in their lives – however this can create tension if husbands fail to respect his wife’s wishes and wishes.

  1. They are kind

Arab women are highly considerate and friendly companions, which make them great partners. Additionally, their energetic lifestyle ensures you won’t ever become bored! With Arab women around you will never become boring!

Arab families tend to be much more involved with their children’s lives than American couples, which may lead to more conflict in a marriage since a wife may feel her family doesn’t understand her situation.

Arab women tend to be volatile and can get angry quickly. Additionally, their culture requires them to be treated with respect at all times – both challenges associated with marrying an Arab woman can make marrying one a rewarding experience; just remember to be patient and respectful while pursuing her. You can find an Arab wife online or through art galleries and festivals.

  1. They are sympathetic

Arab girls tend to be conservative by nature; however, many are also striving toward self-actualization and looking for partners that can provide for them – this may create tension between their desire for romance and culture’s expectation for submissive wives.

Arab women will appreciate your respect for their culture and traditions. Showing an interest in her values will build trust between you two and provide a solid basis for your relationship. Furthermore, showing an interest will help avoid potential misunderstandings caused by cultural differences that lead to miscommunication or result in divorce; ultimately this leads to happier, healthier marriages with stronger bonds between families resulting in happier, healthier marriages as she gains the confidence she needs to become more independent knowing you support and are committed to her.

  1. They are independent

Arab women don’t rely on their husbands as much to meet their needs; instead they tend to pursue careers and can often fend for themselves in various ways. Furthermore, Arab women take dating seriously and may bring chaperones along on dates with men they don’t know well.

Arab culture places great value on preserving virginity for girls before marriage, and any who date before getting engaged risks damaging their reputation and family members may impose stringent rules to safeguard her purity until she marries.

Some women manage to go beyond this barrier and find men willing to marry them while honoring their traditions. Such women should be acknowledged for their strength and independence. They don’t look for quick riches but instead can add depth and meaning to any family unit.

  1. They are educated

Arab culture takes relationships very seriously. Families may become involved in married couples’ lives intimately, leading them down paths of conflict and potentially leading them back together again.

Arab countries have made considerable advances towards equality over recent decades, but most of their progress relies on revising laws that are restrictive or discriminatory against women. Many Middle Eastern nations require women to obtain permission from male guardians before obtaining passports or jobs and prevent them from choosing where they will reside.

Arab women are forced into consanguineous marriages with family members, which leads to inbreeding with serious health ramifications, and reduces their ability to join the labor force and contribute positively to their country’s economy. This trend must change.

  1. They are beautiful

Arab women are beautiful, romantic creatures who enjoy being charmed. Romance them by giving flowers, chocolates and candlelight dinners; just make sure that their culture and values are respected as you do so!

Arabic cultures tend to place great importance on family ties. This can present Western couples with challenges when seeking privacy; many newly married couples opt to live with the groom’s parents, in a sprawling villa which often also houses several of their relatives and their wives and children.

Arab women typically have thick eyebrows that must be threaded multiple times each month. For Westerners accustomed to thin, arched eyebrows, this can be an unusual adjustment process; nevertheless, marrying an Arab woman can be an extraordinary experience and absolutely worth your efforts!


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