How Much Does an Aviation Law Lawyer Cost?

How Much Does an Aviation Law Lawyer Cost?

When you have a problem with an airline, such as lost luggage or flight delays, you may need the help of an aviation attorney. They can file a lawsuit and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Aircraft attorneys have a unique knowledge of the law that governs airlines, airports and passengers. Use the tool below to find an experienced aviation lawyer near you.

Costs of Litigation

The practice of aviation law covers a broad spectrum of issues. It encompasses both civil and criminal matters, including wrongful death, negligence, and more. Civil cases typically result in monetary compensation, while criminal cases can lead to incarceration. Aviation law is an important field that requires experience and expertise.

An airplane accident lawyer can make a significant difference for victims and their families. Typically paid on a contingency basis, an aviation attorney’s financial interests are aligned with those of his or her clients. This can mean that victims and their families are more willing to take a case to trial, rather than accepting an unfair settlement.

Air traffic controllers work within a set of rules called the Controller’s Handbook, which is often described as “the Bible.” These rules are designed to keep airplanes safe and on course. When air traffic controllers deviate from these rules, accidents occur. These accidents can cause serious injuries to passengers. An experienced aviation lawyer can help a victim and his or her family pursue damages from the responsible parties.

ACTS LAW understands the complex legal challenges that aviation litigation presents. Whether it involves the 1972 crash of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 in the Florida Everglades or recent tragedies such as Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, our firm has handled major aviation-related cases. We have extensive experience litigating against airlines and other liable parties who have tremendous financial resources.

Retainer Fees

For business aviation matters, including aircraft sales or purchases, an attorney can prepare legal documentation such as contracts. They can also assist with financing, leasing and other transactional issues, as well as negotiating and preparing airport leases for hangar space or landing rights. They can also represent clients before local, state and federal aviation agencies.

A lawyer’s clientele for aviation law typically consists of commercial airlines, corporate charter operators, private pilots and owners, flight schools, air traffic control services, product manufacturers, airports and other public entities. However, they can also serve people who have been injured in aircraft accidents. This highly specialized field requires a vast knowledge of federal laws and regulations regarding flight, as well as the ability to understand the complexities of international law when dealing with aviation accidents that occur across national boundaries.

Not all lawyers are experienced in the field of aviation law, and it is important to hire one with specific experience in this area. In addition, it is vital for an aviation attorney to be financially strong enough to fund litigation all the way through trial if necessary. Defendants can often sense that an aviation lawyer is not financially capable of litigating their case through to the end, and they may take advantage of this weakness by pressing for settlements that are not in the plaintiff’s best interests.

Contingency Fee Agreements

Aviation law attorneys may offer contingency fee agreements, which are based on a percentage of the money recovered in the case. These agreements make it possible for clients without the means to pay hourly rates to retain aviation lawyers. However, it is important for any client to understand exactly what the agreement entails before hiring a lawyer on this basis. The amount of the fee, how the lawyer will calculate billable hours, and other details should all be clarified.

Contingent fees generate controversy because they may incentivize lawyers to take on more cases than they can afford and to settle for lower sums than they could obtain at trial. Nevertheless, for many people, the ability to hire an aviation attorney on a contingency basis represents their only opportunity to achieve justice in a case that they might otherwise be unable to pursue.

When a tragedy occurs, victims’ families are seldom in the best emotional state to consider their legal options. But, it is important that they hire the best aviation law firm available. In addition to seeking an aviation attorney who possesses extensive flight experience, accident victims should ensure that the lawyer is capable of funding the litigation all the way through trial. Defendants can sense when an attorney does not have the financial strength to win at trial, and they will often take advantage of this weakness by offering less than full compensation.

Insurance Coverage

Although aviation accidents and deaths have fallen dramatically over the last several decades, they still occur. Because of the serious consequences, aircraft owners and operators must obtain liability insurance to cover costs and damages resulting from an accident. A good aviation lawyer can help you determine the best coverage for your needs. The cost of insuring an aircraft depends on its size, type, purchase price, current value, flight frequency, passenger and cargo capacity, and other factors.

Aircraft owners also need to insure their aircraft against physical damage. In addition, the Warsaw Convention may limit airline liability if an accident occurs on an international flight. Aircraft renters should consider getting renter’s insurance to fill in gaps in liability coverage. Some insurance companies will deduct the cost of a legal defense from your liability limits, but others do not.

For businesses that employ civilians to fly or support military air operations in foreign countries, they must have Defense Base Act (DBA) workers’ compensation insurance.

If you’re a victim of an aviation accident, the right lawyer can help you pursue compensation. An experienced aviation lawyer can evaluate the laws in different forums to decide where to file a lawsuit. They can also explain choice of law and venue rules to you and the implications for your case.

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