High-Tech Gadgets For Fitness Tracking

High-Tech Gadgets For Fitness Tracking

High-tech gadgets are reshaping the fitness tracking landscape. From smartwatches to smart trainers, these devices offer insights, guidance and motivation to help you reach your health goals.

These devices can track blood oxygen levels, predict menstrual cycles and even detect falls. They also provide advanced training metrics like VO2 max and load, as well as sleep analysis capabilities.

1. Apple Watch Series 7

Apple is one of the most popular smartwatch brands out there, and its latest model, Series 7, delivers the best fitness features yet. Its bigger screen reinvigorates the experience, and faster charging fixes a long-standing issue with older models. The Series 7 is also more durable than its predecessor, with a new always-on display and stronger scratch resistance. And it’s capable of generating an electrocardiogram (ECG)—though you should still consult a doctor for medical diagnosis.

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This year’s model also comes with a range of features that weren’t available in previous models, like sleep analysis, a new pedometer algorithm for better step count accuracy, and the ability to use your watch as a digital house key or contact emergency services. And it’s water-resistant to 50 meters, so you can wear it in the pool or surf without worrying about damage.

2. Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR is a good looking tracker that is designed for fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers. It has continuous heart rate monitoring and a solid analytics dashboard. It also has a social component that allows you to challenge friends which is great motivation for getting active during the off-season.

If you’re annoyed by all the statistics the Charge HR tells you, you can hide unwanted functions from the app, so only those you use show up. You can also set your goals in the app and see a detailed breakdown of how you’re doing over time. There’s even a silent alarm feature that is designed to wake you up gently. It also has caller ID functionality and all-day activity tracking.

3. Styku

Styku is a state-of-the-art body scanning machine that allows users to track their physical transformation in 3D. It also provides detailed body measurements including hip, thigh and waist circumferences, as well as fat and muscle percentage. Unlike traditional weight scales, the Styku scan reveals progress in a clear and detailed way, allowing individuals to stay motivated and engaged in their fitness journey.

The Styku uses infrared scans to create a virtual 3D model of the body, capturing millions of data points in a few seconds. The software then applies a mathematical equation that compares the results to DEXA scans, providing an accurate prediction of body composition. This helps users understand their current body shape and how to optimise their training regime, set attainable goals and keep themselves on track.

The Styku is an invaluable tool for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts, enabling them to customize their workout plans for clients and provide more targeted advice on nutrition and lifestyle choices. It is also used in gyms to boost client motivation and retention, as well as in medical and wellness clinics for obesity management and physical therapy.

4. Nurvv Smart Insoles

There are a lot of products out there designed to help you run more efficiently. They usually take the form of something you wear on your wrist or arm, or small pods that you slip into your shoes. They usually analyze some aspect of your running, ideally providing real-time feedback during a run, or post-run analysis.

UK-based startup Nurvv takes a different approach with its debut product, NURVV Run. The smart insoles, which slide under your regular shoe insoles, work with the company’s bespoke app to gather a plethora of information. The app translates the data in an interesting way, offering advice as to how you can improve your running style. It also tracks workout frequency, letting you know when it’s time for a rest day.

You can use the NURVV Run insoles phone-free with Android and Apple phones, or pair them with a Garmin watch using ANT+. A single charge lasts for five hours of use. The insoles also have status lights to let you know when they’re charging, or when they’re ready to go.

5. Smart Ropes

Jumping rope is a classic fitness activity that has stood the test of time as a fun way to engage in cardio exercise. Now, smart ropes are taking the activity to new heights with high-tech features designed to improve efficiency and help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

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These smart jump ropes feature integrated sensors that track metrics including the number of jumps, calories burned, and workout duration. They also include LED displays that provide real-time feedback on the user’s performance. Additionally, they offer Bluetooth connectivity to sync with mobile apps and devices for more detailed workout analytics.

As a result, smart jump ropes are ideal for individuals of all fitness levels and fitness goals. Moreover, some models have adjustable lengths and weighted handles to ensure proper fit. Other features include an LCD display that shows workout data, a variety of jump tracking modes (including free mode, time down, and countdown), and a rechargeable battery. Additionally, many smart jump ropes have voice coaching and counting functionality to support the user throughout their workout.

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