Date Night Ideas For Long-Term Couples

Date Night Ideas For Long-Term Couples

Date night ideas for long-term couples can be a bit boring. But they don’t have to be! Try something new and exciting.

Take your dinner and movie date to the next level by having a restaurant scavenger hunt! This is both fun and affordable. Learn a new sport together.

1. Go on a picnic

Spending a relaxing day together surrounded by nature can rekindle the romance. Pick a scenic park, beach or other outdoor location and pack a picnic.

Try new food items or play outdoor games for a fun experience. You can also set up a game night at home and challenge each other to a few different games.

2. Go to a state park

Sometimes when you’ve been with someone for a long time, your date night routine gets a little boring. Instead of the same old restaurant, movie theater and babysitter, try something new.

Try a brewery tour. Many breweries offer tours that are educational, entertaining and a great way to connect with your partner over beer!

Check out your local arts festival. Whether you’re browsing art or trying your hand at a paint and sip class, this is an opportunity to connect over creativity.

3. Go on a hike

Going on a hike together helps you see how your partner works in the real world. The able-bodied can be the hiking guide and the less outdoorsy can assist with camp set up and other chores on rest days.

Try an escape room as a way to work together and beat the clock. These virtual dates are exciting and fun for couples who enjoy challenging themselves.

Go roller-skating for a retro and playful date. Alternatively, go to your local orchard or farm and pick apples, berries or whatever else is growing there.

4. Go to a museum

Changing up the quintessential date standard of dinner and a movie can add excitement to your relationship. Go to a museum or art gallery together to learn something new and connect with each other over shared interests.

Try a woodworking class to work on your DIY skills or a glass blowing session. Both are fun and interesting and perfect alphabet date ideas for couples.

Check out a local comedy show. It’s fun, low-key, and gives you plenty of fodder for inside jokes.

5. Go to a concert

Studies have shown that trying new things together keeps the romance alive in your relationship. So, if you find yourself in a dinner/show/movie rut, get creative with your date-night experiences.

Take a turn planning a fun activity within a set budget. This exercise flexes your creativity muscle and lets you know you value each other’s input.

Let your inner rockstar shine with a karaoke night. It’s a silly, bonding date that will lower inhibitions. Try to pick songs your partner will like too, for maximum entertainment.

6. Go to a sporting event

Long-term couples can fall into a routine of ordering takeout and hitting the local movie theater. While those are perfectly fine date choices, it never hurts to try something new and exciting.

Cooking together is a fun way to connect with your partner, and you get a meal at the end of it too. Consider taking a cooking class together on a cuisine you both love.

Laugh out loud together at an improv or comedy show. If your hearts are a bit more competitive, put your skills to the test at mini golf or axe throwing.

7. Go to a concert

Your partner may not be a fan of classical music, but a concert is an enjoyable experience that can make you both feel connected. Plus, the sense of community you create with other concert-goers helps your relationship grow.

Take a cooking class together to learn how to make something new. This is an affordable date night that allows you to flex your creative muscles. Alternatively, you could go to your local brewery or a winery for a tour and tasting. The possibilities are endless! Also, try an escape room.

8. Go to a movie

A night at the movies is a classic date. You can even up the romance factor by seeing a burlesque or drag show.

Marriage therapist Michelene M. Wasil says that date nights where you are simply in the same room are not enough to create true connection. Use the opportunity to touch your partner’s arm softly and to lean in close to them.

Visit an art gallery together. The experience will be both moving and enlightening. Browse antique shops, flea markets or second-hand stores. Birdwatching is a great way to connect with nature and your date.

9. Go to a spa

A day in the spa can help couples reconnect and feel refreshed. It can also relieve pent-up tension in the relationship and foster intimacy.

Try new cuisines together. According to a study, trying new foods can help you bond with your partner.

Take a virtual flower arranging class together. It’s a great way to learn something new together, and you can practice your skills at home.

Make your own date night at home by having a romantic movie marathon. Add some ambience with a few candles, and make sure to have plenty of snacks on hand.

10. Go to a concert

You’ve probably heard the saying “trying new things together keeps the spark alive.” Well, it’s true. And what better way to shake up your routine than going to a concert?

Whether it’s a local band or a famous artist, seeing a live show will definitely connect you. Just make sure you eat beforehand, since the food at concert venues is usually pretty sparse. You don’t want to be hangry on your date! Embrace the spirit of the music and lower your inhibitions. You may even break into a dance move or two.

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