Best Commercial Property Insurance Providers in Saudi Arabia

Best Commercial Property Insurance Providers in Saudi Arabia

There are many ways to find the right commercial property insurance provider for your business. One option is to work with an agent or broker who can design a policy tailored to your needs in exchange for a fee.Best Commercial Property Insurance Providers in Saudi Arabia

This study evaluates the performance of Saudi Arabia’s Takaful and conventional insurance firms using a two-stage data envelopment analysis. The results indicate that efficiency scores have monotonically decreased for both types of firms.

1. AXA

AXA is one of the world’s leading insurance providers and is a global leader in property and casualty, as well as life and health. With a presence in 65 countries and six continents, AXA offers a range of products to meet your needs. Their policies include motor and home insurance, as well as business insurance, marine cargo, liability, aviation, energy, and credit insurance.

AXA’s commercial property insurance in Saudi Arabia is among the best available in the market, offering coverage for businesses that covers both accidental damage and natural disasters. Their comprehensive cover includes terrorism and political violence, which can be a significant threat to any business. In addition, they offer a range of flexible plans to suit your budget.

Founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre l’incendie (ancienne Mutuelle), AXA is the world’s third-largest insurer. It is headquartered in the 8th arrondissement of Paris and operates around the globe, providing a wide range of services to individuals and businesses. The group also offers investment management and other financial services.

In Saudi Arabia, AXA has a strong presence in the commercial property market and has a long history of providing quality insurance services to customers. Their portfolio of products includes property and liability insurance, as well as terrorism and political violence coverage. They have an extensive network of offices in the region, which allows them to provide quick and efficient service.

The company has a reputation for customer service and provides a variety of benefits to customers, including a 24/7 online claims system and emergency home assistance service. Their property insurance policy can cover the cost of repairs, legal fees, and compensation for loss of income. They also provide protection for tenants against damage to the landlord’s property.

2. Marsh

Marsh, the insurance broker founded in Chicago over 100 years ago by the renowned financial services firm Marsh & McLennan, is a global professional services company that straddles broking and reinsurance, as well as consulting. The company has over 70,000 employees worldwide, and it is one of the world’s biggest brokers of commercial property insurance.

The company has a wide range of products, and it also has a special division for risk management consulting. Its client executives work closely with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their risks and exposures and offer a single point of contact for all insurance needs.

The Marsh & McLennan Company, often rated the world’s largest broker, has seen its business develop through challenging times. Traditional Islamic scholarship raised objections to the basic concept of insurance, arguing that it included elements of risk, gambling and usury that were incompatible with the teachings of the Qur’an.

Bassam Al-Bader, the CEO of Marsh Saudi Arabia, says that the insurance industry is an important modernizing force for the Kingdom, and it can help reassure foreign investors that the country is a place where business can be done in accordance with international standards. He expects the industry to continue growing, particularly in the power generation and infrastructure sectors.

3. AIG

As one of the biggest insurance providers in the world, AIG offers a wide range of commercial property insurance products for both individuals and businesses. For individuals, these include home and auto insurance plans, life and accident coverage, and even mortgage insurance. For large corporations, AIG provides business insurance policies that cover mergers and acquisitions, aerospace activities, and more. The company also offers health insurance and retirement planning services.

The company’s culture is driven by a strong value of diversity, equity, and inclusion. AIG’s commitment to this has earned it several awards from prominent organizations like DiversityInc and the Human Rights Campaign. The company also places a high priority on sustainability, which is evident in its efforts to promote environmentally friendly operations and invest in its employees’ well-being.

Despite its many achievements, AIG has faced some major setbacks in recent history. In 2008, the company incurred significant losses due to its exposure to the mortgage market. AIG insured tens of billions of derivatives against default but did not purchase enough reinsurance to hedge these risks, and it used the proceeds from its mortgage-backed securities as collateral for deposits. This led to AIG having to pay a substantial amount of money in claims and to lose millions of dollars of its own assets.

AIG is one of the most popular commercial property insurance providers in Saudi Arabia because it offers a comprehensive package for both small and large companies. Its competitive pricing and flexible terms are also attractive to customers. Moreover, it is available in a variety of languages and has dedicated customer support staff to help its customers in the local markets.


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